About Us

The Journey

The History of Canna Bros Dispensary

Prior to May of 2019, any form of the cannabis plant were considered to be illegal in South Africa. Even the medical use of any cannabis products made the everyday citizen into a criminal when acquiring his/hers medicine by referrals to the black market.

But as from 23 May 2019, the Department of Health (SAPHRA) made the historic decision by making the cannabis derived Cannabidiol (CBD) available for wholesale distribution and personal use in South Africa. This was the long awaited onset of the liberation of the Plant and in many ways, ourselves.

CBD Canna Bros Dispensary (Pty) Ltd. was co-founded in 2018 by the brothers Lourens & Martin Steyn in that same year. With combined passion and experience of over 40 years in the Cannabis industry, our goal and vision was clear. Educate the population on the endless benefits of the pariah healer, Cannabis. The main challenge that called upon us to act, was the unfair and unsubstantiated discrimination towards the cannabis plant whereby theories around the plant deterred the sick and elderly from obtaining a natural/herbal option, to increase the quality of their health.

The Team

Martin coming from an Industrial Engineering & Manufacturing background, Lourens from a Sales & Marketing environment made for a perfect match to tackle such a challenge.
Experience to the present was paid for in full and sacrifices were made, but today Canna Bros Dispensary & Canna Bros Coffee Bar are locally known for our informative and professional approach to the distribution of ensured cannabidiol and other medicinal herbs, creams and ointments.

How did we get here?

By no means stating that we’ve “arrived”, we strongly believe that one never does…

Even from day one we were never alone in this. We have met the most amazing people in our journey so far, some for a reason and some just for a season. Without the constant support, encouragement, guidance, help and love from our “Canna Mom” Charlotte Rossouw, none would be the same.
In our minds, “friends” and “suppliers” are synonymous, and we do not differentiate as all of them had a significant part in the building bricks of Canna Bros Dispensary.

One word sums it all up:
SYNERGY – The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations or agents to produce a combined effect Greater than the sum of their separate effects.

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