Hormo Cibus Spray – 1 Litre

Plant Growth Regulator.

100ml Concentrate, 1L Ready to use

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Product Description


Hormo Cibus contains a natural balance of plant hormones which

  • Help the vegetative propagation of plants.
  • Promote cell division.
  • Stimulate shoot proliferation.
  • Activate gene expression and metabolic activity in general.

For use during the vegetative stage of plant growth and on cuttings/ clones to stimulate root development.

Application guidelines

Shake well before use.
Spray during the cooler, more humid hours of the day.
Apply foliar spray when wind is low.
For vegetables – apply on days 14 and 35 after planting.
For tomatoes – apply every 4 weeks.
For permanent crops – apply two weeks before flowering repeat dosage at beginning of flowering.




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